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By Worthington News (SNP)

Letter: Duffey is the best choice for small businesses

To the Editor:

I live in Worthington and own a business employing about 28 people. The past two years have been tough for us.

Our business from across Central Ohio has declined, and I am grateful that we saved enough in the good years so that we could survive today. From the beginning, I have secured our business personally, so I have everything to lose if it fails.

As a business owner, I want a representative who will support my business so that I can continue to stay afloat and provide jobs for families. That's why I support Mike Duffey for state representative.

I first became aware of Mike Duffey when I visited Worthington City Council. I was impressed at how he was recommending that fees be reduced at a time when others were recommending they be increased. A few months later, I met him as he was going door-to-door in my neighborhood.

Mike built a reputation for balanced budgets several years before the current recession. After his election in 2005, the city passed its first balanced budget in six years without one-time money, and then later created a 15 percent city reserve fund to provide financial stability. He clearly had foresight.

But don't make my word for it. Read the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business Owners. Better yet, check with someone you know who signs the front of paychecks and ask them what is best for their business. I am one of those people.

Small businesses have created two of every three new jobs in the United States since the early 1970s. I truly believe that the only way out of this miserable economic situation is for government to step aside, providing small businesses with the predictable climate we need to thrive.

When Mike's opponent moved into Worthington last year, he literally moved into the house across the street. He moved here in April and filed to run in May.

I was so offended; I called Mike to donate yard signs for his campaign. If you see the blue and white Mike Duffey signs, I donated them despite the fact that my business is struggling.

It's not easy being a small business owner, but sometimes you have to get involved. In my heart, I know Mike Duffey is the right choice for state representative.

Emily Williamson