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By Worthington News (SNP)

Letter: Attacks do not diminish Duffey's high potential

Last week, I received several pieces of mail from a union committee in support of David Robinson. The negative tone of this campaign literature was breathtaking, and I feel is beneath the dignity of the citizens of Worthington.

Nothing in this literature is believable to me.

Mike Duffey is accused of being Michigan's "guy" and Robinson is portrayed as "one of us." Really. Duffey grew up in Worthington, his father was a City Councilman and after college, he came back to Worthington. He has also been on City Council for years. Few people know the issues facing our town as well as Duffey.

In contrast, Robinson moved to town in early 2009 and I see no evidence that he has any experience at all with Worthington's challenges. Certainly, there is nothing on his website that indicates any knowledge of our local issues. The fact that Duffey went to Michigan for college was thought to be so important that they put it on the cover of the literature. If this is the best they can do, he has been praised by faint damnation.

They bring up the matter of Duffey supposedly voting to raise his own pay. This issue was put to rest by a rather strong letter signed by both Republican and Democrat council members in June.

The letter may be found at That they would try to use this should offend every voter.

Then there is an issue somehow relating to a client of his, but the references given are so old that it is impossible to find them. Given the above, though, I have little doubt that if I could find them, they would be equally vaporous.

I am quite aware that a campaign that goes negative in this way is a campaign that is in trouble and doesn't think it can win by discussing the issues. Mr. Robinson knows the people who sent out this literature. He can talk to them. He should publicly correct them. The attacks sent out on his behalf cause me to disbelieve anything said by his campaign or by those who are speaking on his behalf through these mailings.

At some point, Robinson should let those who might vote for him know what it is he stands for. All I have seen so far are the old tropes of "more jobs, lower taxes." So easy to say, so entirely lacking substance.

Robinson has used the few opportunities he has had to communicate with me to give me vacuous political boilerplate with no substance, or to make accusations against Duffey, which are also without substance. I have been given no reason to vote for him, but ample reasons to distrust you.

Phillip Shaffer