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By Worthington News (SNP)

Letter: Duffey's concern for the community will serve us well

I am a lifelong resident of Worthington. I am proudly raising a family very near to where I was raised and I care very deeply about my schools, my libraries, my community and my family's future.

I am also a lifelong Democrat who has never voted for a Republican in his life. That changed when Mike Duffey announced that he was running to be our community's next representative in the Ohio House.

When I told my family and friends that I was actually going to vote for a Republican, they were all dumbfounded. Make no mistake, I am not part of some political trend where my decision to vote Republican can be attributed to the Tea Party or some dissatisfaction with my political party. My decision to vote Republican can be attributed to the kind of man Mike Duffey is.

I have had the honor of knowing Duffey personally. He and I went to the same schools, grew up in and have spent our lives in Ohio's 21st House District. We have worked together as Statehouse reporters, where Mike taught me how much difference a representative with real grassroots ties to his or her constituents can make in truly changing the everyday life of the people they serve. Knowing and working with Mike Duffey showed me something I thought I would never see: a good Republican.

To put Duffey's personal integrity, love and commitment to his neighbors, and ability to see beyond partisan politics into perspective, you have to be one pretty darn special candidate in this die-hard Democrat's mind to get me to vote Republican. Allow me to explain why voting for Duffey is such an important choice for all of us.

First, the Democratic Party has dropped the ball by thinking they could have Mike's opponent move into our district only last April and expect me to believe that he is somehow superior to Duffey, who has spent his entire life committed to this district. Second, Mike has been twice elected to Worthington City Council, where he has successfully managed to balance the city's budget without harming our schools or our libraries. Duffey's opponent isn't even eligible to serve on City Council because he hasn't lived here long enough.

Finally, l want to personally testify to Duffey's natural inclination to bipartisanship and his deep desire to see our neighborhoods prosper and flourish for decades to come. When it comes to having a voice Downtown who will always speak on behalf of our district's greater good, it is my informed opinion that Mike Duffey is the most natural choice that we, as a community, have had in a long time.

David Curran