Legislators want to ensure Ohio businesses don’t overpay taxes

Two Franklin County legislators want to make certain that Ohio businesses don’t pay more in state taxes than necessary. Reps. Michael Stinziano, D-Columbus, and Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, will co-sponsor legislation requiring the Ohio Department of Taxation to notify businesses when they have overpaid their taxes and qualify for a refund. (more...)


Keeping an eye on care
Nursing-home residents should be able to secretly record treatment

House Bill 298, co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike Duffey of Worthington and Democrat Michael Stinziano of Columbus, would add an item to an existing section of state law referred to as a bill of rights for nursing-home residents. (more...)


Dems, GOP Push Bills On Government Transparency

Lawmakers in the Ohio House from both political parties have introduced several bills that they say will improve government transparency. (more...)


Lifesaving treatment - Schools should be permitted to stock, administer epinephrine

No child whose life could be saved by a common medication should be put in jeopardy unnecessarily, and school nurses should not have their hands tied from using this lifesaving measure when needed. (more...)


Bipartisan effort to bolster rights of domestic violence victims among newly introduced House bills

H.B. 298: Introduced by Rep. Mike Duffey, a Worthington Republican, and Rep. Michael Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat, the bill would expand rights of nursing home residents to allow them to conduct electronic monitoring of their rooms. It also would allow the attorney general to use the results of that electronic monitoring in the investigation of an abuse complaint. (more...)


Proposed law would help Ohio companies avoid layoffs, supporters say

Ohio businesses would able to prevent layoffs and instead temporarily reduce their employees’ hours while letting them keep benefits and collect unemployment, under a bill proposed in the House. (more...)


New 'CED' law means six new liquor permits available

Worthington City Council on June 4 unanimously approved the city's first community entertainment district (CED), which will be inside and surrounding the mall. (more...)


Worthington OKs liquor permits for Shops at Worthington Place

In his request for creating the district, developer Tom Carter called the permits "critical to the rebirth of Worthington Place. The availability of beer, wine and liquor is an important component of the business model for most successful restaurants," he wrote. (more...)


Work sharing could limit layoffs if Ohio legislature approves bill

Ohio is trying to make it harder for employers to layoff workers. Instead of giving workers the ax, employers would be encouraged to cut their employees' hours under a bill pending in the Ohio House. In turn, employees would be able to receive unemployment benefits for their reduced hours... (more...)


4 lawmakers offer new method for redistricting

No more gerrymandered legislative and congressional districts that boost the ruling political party. No more nonsensical splits of local communities or wars over fairness.... (more...)


Agency focused on reining in regulations

Food producers who use alcohol in their products now can purchase liquor at wholesale prices. High-school graduates who moved out of Ohio can return and pay in-state tuition for college or graduate school.... (more...)


Legislators asked to loosen liquor-license laws

Mike Duffey, Worthington's representative in the Ohio House, plans to add an amendment to House Bill 243 - which he described as an omnibus liquor bill - that would change the requirements to include Worthington. CEDs could help revitalize the mall and downtown, Duffey said...(more...)


Savings plan: Doubling target for Ohio's rainy-day fund is worth pondering.

Having just overcome an $8 billion state budget shortfall, there is no question that rebuilding Ohio's fiscal strength should be a priority. A bill offered by freshman Rep. Mike Duffey is a worthy idea in pursuit of that goal and ought to be considered by his colleagues... (more...)


Bill would give voting rights to students on university boards

A bipartisan bill could give student trustees at Ohio's state universities and colleges the right to vote on everything from multimillion-dollar budgets to the cost of tuition... (more...)


Letter: Duffey is the best choice for small businesses

To the Editor:I live in Worthington and own a business employing about 28 people. The past two years have been tough for us.Our business from across Central Ohio has declined, and I am grateful that we saved enough in the good...(more...)


Duffey, fellow council members refute negative ads

Regardless of how they vote on Election Day, Democrats in Worthington's city government have Mike Duffey's back.When Duffey, a Worthington City Council member running as a Republican for state representative in Ohio's 21st...(more...)


Letter: Duffey will be hardworking representative in District 21

We are writing in support of Mike Duffey, candidate for state representative in the Ohio House, 21st District. This district includes Worthington, Northland, Minerva Park and portions of Columbus. The seat is currently held by...(more...)


Letter: Duffey's concern for the community will serve us well

I am a lifelong resident of Worthington. I am proudly raising a family very near to where I was raised and I care very deeply about my schools, my libraries, my community and my family's future. I am also a lifelong Democrat...(more...)


Letter: Attacks do not diminish Duffey's high potential

Last week, I received several pieces of mail from a union committee in support of David Robinson. The negative tone of this campaign literature was breathtaking, and I feel is beneath the dignity of the citizens of...(more...)


Duffey Receives The Columbus Dispatch Endorsement

Our choice for the 21st District is Republican Mike Duffey. Coming from a long line of elected Democrats, including his father, John, who served as a judge on the 10th District Court of Appeals and on Worthington City...(more...)


Group behind false Duffey attacks has done this before

Ohio House Democratic Caucus and the Campaign for the Moderate Majority expressed their regret for running false advertisements against Nan Baker during her State Representative 2008 election. (more...)


Bipartisanship is Duffey's strong suit

I am a lifelong resident of Worthington, proudly raising a family very near to where I was raised, and I care very deeply about my schools, my libraries, my community and my family's future. I am also a lifelong Democrat who...(more...)


Letter: Duffey has demonstrated commitment to constituents

I am writing to express my support for the candidacy of Mike Duffey, Republican for Ohio state representative, District 21. I've gotten to know Mike as a consistent supporter of my neighborhood, Colonial Hills, in...(more...)